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lunes, 13 de junio de 2011

My ideal Job

Hello fellows, today i'm going to talk about my ideal job.

I would like to work in a wild environment, like safari, animal sanctuary or something of the same kind. Or maybe in a zoo, taking care of animals and  their habitats. So  i would work in a big famous zoo or  i will travel to country where there is safari and animal sanctuary; It could be Africa or Australia.
Other option, is to be an specialist of reptiles, an work in a zoo like a reptiles's vet.

I don't have someone special, to work with, but i would like a joyfull and pleasant job environment, without arguing between partners and without competition , because the internal competition brings always problem.

If in the future i work in what i want, i would be very happy, because since i was a little boy, always wanted to be like those guys whose appears in Tv in middle of the African savana, but without being so risky. I love a lot the zoo, and i always wondered how it must be to work in one.
In my career actually there is no relation with this area, this area you must search by yourself later, of course if you are in a country like Australia or Africa it is more easy to link the carreer wth this area.

For what concern hours and boss, If i'm doing what i really love it doesn't matter while it allows you to have a decent life.

see you next time

jueves, 26 de mayo de 2011

My favourite subject

Today i'm going to talk about the subject that i prefer.
Untill now i prefer anatomy;
Anatomy it is a science that study the structure of living beings, that means, the form, topography, ubication, disposition and the relation between the diferents orgnans  that compound them.
There exist various subdivision in anatomy, anatomy descriptive, anatomy microscopic, anatomy patologic, etc.

The classes are divided in practice and theory, there are two groups, one have normal classes in the morning and the other group have practice in the afternoon and viceversa.
This subject  last two semester, the first semester we saw animals's skeleton and muscle and this semester we are seing internal organs like the heart, lung, liver, kidney, spleen, intestine and reproductive organs.
We study three species equine, bovine and dog.
The theory it is done in the classroom, the profesor teach us about the diferents peritoneal realtions between organs, nomenclature of parts and difference of each species.
In the practice we apply all the things that we saw in theory, there are dead body of the three species and there we touch, observe and learn.

I like this subject because of  one profesor in particular, Victor Toledo, the other profesor is very boring and anoying. Victor Toledo is very funny and didactict, hat make the learning very funny and easy.
Another reason is that Anatomy untill now is the only subject that is directly relationated with animals, we saw the macroscopic structure of animals.
The last reason is that in this subject we have thruth practice, by ourselfes we saw and touch the material, is not a profesor who does it instead of us.

see you later

jueves, 19 de mayo de 2011

person that i admire

Today i'm gone talk about Steve Irwin.
His full name is Stephen Robert Irwin, nicknamed "the corcodile hunter".
He was born in 22 february 1962 in Essendon a suburb of Melbourne, in the state of Victoria, Australia.
He discribed his father has a wildlife expert interested in herpetology and his mother was a wildlife rehabilitator.When he moved to Queensland his parents started the small Queensland Reptile and Fauna Park. So Steve grew up arround crocodiles and other reptiles.
He began handling crocodiles at the age of nine after his father had educated him on reptiles since he was a little boy. Then  he worked as a volunteer for Queensland's East Coast Crocodile Management program and captured over 100 crocodiles, some of those were relocated, while others were housed at the family park.Irwin took  the management of the park in 1991 and renamed it Australia Zoo in 1992.
In 1991 he met his wife Terri Raines an american naturalist from Eugene,Oregon.
He has two children Bindi sue Irwin(1998) and Robert Clarence Irwin(2003)
On 4 September 2006, the day of his death, Irwin was fatally pierced in the chest by a Stingray spine while Snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef, at Batt Reef, which is located at the coast of Port Douglas in north Queensland.

He created with his wife the TV show named the crocodile hunter, this show debuted on 1996 and it became famous in other countries very quickly.He participated in other documentaries of animal planet like Crocs files, the crocodile hunter diaries and new breed vets.
Irwin was also involved in several media campaigns. He enthusiastically joined with the Australian Quarantine and inspection service to promote Australia's strict quarantine/customs requirements.
Irwin was a  promoter for Australian tourism in general and Queensland tourism in particular. In 2002, the Australia Zoo was voted Queensland's top tourist attraction.His  popularity in the United States make Australia a tourist destination.
In 1997, while on a fishing trip on the coast of Queensland with his father, Irwin discovered a new species of turtle.The turtle was named Irwin's turtle in his honour.

In 2001, Irwin was awarded the Centenary Medal by the Australian government for his "service to global conservation and to Australian tourism".

I like him, because what he does is exactly the thing that i want to do later, but without being so risky like him, i like a lot reptiles.The idea of owning a zoo is so interesting and cool. If i could in the future i will try to go to the Australia Zoo, to finish my career there.
He is very carismatic and funny when he presented his shows but some time a little bit out of mind.

That's all for today

jueves, 14 de abril de 2011

Why chose I veterinary as my career?

Today I'm going to talk about my profession choice.

My grandparents lives in the country.
Since i was a born until i was 9 years old, I have beeng living in this environment, because all the week ends and hollidays I travelled to the field.
In my grandparents field there are cows, horses, chickens,turkeys, etc.
It is a  beautiful house in middle of the nature, it's a very nice landscape.
That is why , i love so much all things related with the nature, more precisely animals.
So i decided to study veterinary, since i was 10 years old more or less.

Until now, the career have being very generalistic, but i like just the way it is.In this semester, we begin to see more precisely themes, I can say now, that i'm studying veterinary.

The University of Chili has the best career of veterinary in all the country, it has a good reputation.
In my opinion, good reputation is not enough, saying this i mean that the infrastructure is not very good, the same for the material that we have in our disposition, like computers, internet, anatomy samples, etc
This is the only thing disappointing about the career.
Any way, the campus is very nice there are gradens everywhere, there is mundo granja that is a little farm zoo and it is very peaceful, zero noise.

I hope that in my future i could be able to work in a zoo, or in an animal reservation and certainly it will be in another country not in chili.
Before that, i will made a postgrade in france, and then i gone start thinking about the specific area in which i want to work.

viernes, 1 de abril de 2011

Who am I ?

my name is Christian longuet, i was born in Dominican Republic in 16 september of 1992.
I'm half french half dominican, my dad is french  and my mom is dominican.
I lived 9 years in Santo Domingo , the capital of Dominicana Republic.
In 2001, i travel to Lima Peru, and spent 6 years there.
Finally i arrived to santiago of chili.
I've been living in santiago since february 2008.
Now i'm studying veterinary in the university of chili. I have already begun my second university year, until now it seems to be very nice and relax.

well, i hope you enjoy this blog,
if you have any other question or comment just post it.