lunes, 13 de junio de 2011

My ideal Job

Hello fellows, today i'm going to talk about my ideal job.

I would like to work in a wild environment, like safari, animal sanctuary or something of the same kind. Or maybe in a zoo, taking care of animals and  their habitats. So  i would work in a big famous zoo or  i will travel to country where there is safari and animal sanctuary; It could be Africa or Australia.
Other option, is to be an specialist of reptiles, an work in a zoo like a reptiles's vet.

I don't have someone special, to work with, but i would like a joyfull and pleasant job environment, without arguing between partners and without competition , because the internal competition brings always problem.

If in the future i work in what i want, i would be very happy, because since i was a little boy, always wanted to be like those guys whose appears in Tv in middle of the African savana, but without being so risky. I love a lot the zoo, and i always wondered how it must be to work in one.
In my career actually there is no relation with this area, this area you must search by yourself later, of course if you are in a country like Australia or Africa it is more easy to link the carreer wth this area.

For what concern hours and boss, If i'm doing what i really love it doesn't matter while it allows you to have a decent life.

see you next time

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